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Unified Electro-Tech is a customer focused electronic components distributor / supplier based in electronics hub of India.  Unified has experience serving many sectors that includes defense, automotive, railways, aerospace, medical and power. With its head quarter in Bangalore, Unified serves its clients through its multi-location regional offices across India. Unified operates on a unique business model that delivers high quality products for maximum customer satisfaction. Our strong presence in the Railway, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense and Telecom industries over the years has been as a result of the top RF & Microwave products, Semiconductors, Power Electronics brands that we bring to our clients.


Unified being electronic components distributor, it serves market that includes Space, MIL and Industrial qualified active & passive components, Electro-mechanical products and RF & Microwave products to manufacturing agencies, research laboratories and the Indian Government Defense. Unified had been established with the mission to extend support and globally known high quality products through the top electronic parts suppliers.


Our line of products
Unified designs as well as distributes components and assemblies utilized in the RF & Microwave products commands and communications. Our active & passive components devices include a wide range of components like phase locked loops, modulators, oscillators, integrated circuits, IF amplifiers, switches, mixers, transistors, buffer amplifiers, driver amplifiers and LNA- to name a few. We offer passive devices including capacitors, heat sinks, cables, connectors, resistors, baluns and antennas. Unified authorised to represent electronic components india for many manufacturers.


Our operations and line of products have allowed us to serve the needs of an extensive range of industries over the years such as Defense, R&D, private as well as government manufacturers as well as laboratories.


Our Business Philosophy
Unified is committed to its customers to deliver high value services as well as quality products. We strive to deliver on our commitment through our customer relationships, integrity, solid customer support services and with our expertise in the techno-marketing industry. Our competitive pricing allows us to offer cost effective but hi-tech solutions to our clients. Unified ensures on-time delivery for each order placed, making Unified a trustworthy and reliable name in the industry today.


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