Grayhill Distributors - Unified is the authorized distributor of Grayhill Inc. Unified is a distributor for Cable Assemblies, Circuit Protection, Connectors, Interconnects, Hardware, Fastners, Accessories, Intergrated Circuits (ICs), Optoelectronics, Programmers, Development Systems, Relays, Sensors, Transducers, Switches, Test and Measurement and other tools.


Unified is a leading distributor of optical and mechanical encoders, rotary swites, joysticks, surface mount and thru-hole DIP switches, toggle switches, standard & custom keypads, custom operator interface front panels, I/O modules, and mounting racks.


Grayhill Inc started its operations in 1943, the privately held company is commmitted to providing top-quality solution for a wide range of solutions for a wide range of applications in defense, aerospace, medical, agriculture, construction, automotive and electronics industries. Products of grayhill are available directly through a world-wide network of independent sales representatives and stock-holding distributors. 

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Cable Assemblies

Circuit Protection 

Connectors, Interconnects

Hardware, Fastners, Accessories

Intergrated Circuits (ICs)


Programmers, Development Systems


Sensors, Transducers


Test and Measurement