BG11C-2600MHZ - BeRex Corporation

Manufacturer Part No BG11C-2600MHZ
Manufacturer BeRex Corporation
Part Description Amplifier Berex Matching Gain Block 2600MHz 19.8db Gain 16.4dBm
Sub Category Amplifier
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Lead Free Status / RoHS Compliant Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Unified Part No BG11C 2600MHZ-UFD
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BG11C-2600MHZ - BeRex Corporation

Image is illustrative. Review datasheet for exact specifications.

  • Technical Specifications

    BG11C 2600MHZ is manufactured by Berex. Unified is the authorized distributor for Berex. It is a Berex Matching Gain Block . This Amplifiers comes in a frequency of 2600MHZ. Its gain is 19.8 and S11 =-17.1 / S22=-16.7. OIP3/Tone is 27.5@7dBm. This part is ROHS compliant. And Package is SOT89. The Noise Figure for this electronic part is 4.2. P1dB is 16.4. Operation = 50-4000MHz. Vc=5V and Ic=58mA. Berex is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

  • Other Numbers

    BG11C 2600MHZ-UFD
    BG11C 2600MHZ-ND

  • Reference

    BG11C, Amplifiers, BG11C 2600MHZ, Frequency 2600 MHz, Gain 19.8, P1 16.4, NF 4.2, 5V, OIP3 27.5@7dBm, S11 -17.1, S22 -16.7, Operation 50-4000Mhz, Ic 58, rf amplifiers, rf power amplifier, rf amplifier design, rf amplifier circuit, rf amplifier ic, rf amplifier basics, rf power amplifiers, high power rf amplifier, what is rf amplifier, rf amplifier module, rf power amplifier design, power amplifier, low noise rf amplifier, rf, wideband rf amplifier, amplifiers, low noise amplifier, broadband rf amplifier, power amplifiers, radio frequency amplifier

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  • About Manufacturer

    Unified is the authorized distributor of BeRex Corp also known as Berex Inc in India. Berex corp is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. It has also acquired ISO 14001 certification as well. Berex is mainly focusing on and dedicated to patentable RF technologies and products for wireless industry.

    BeRex started its operations in 2003 from Silicon Valley, CA. USA. BeRex for sure has the next generation products. It has the leading marketing, designing, and manufacturing patentable RF components including gain blocks, local drive amps, IF ICs, power amplifiers, discrete devices, switches, mixers, LNAs and other RF integrated circuits.

    Unified is one of the strategic partner in India. Unified has the most efficient operation for marketing Berex products in India. Unified was also chosen for its best clients support and branding initiatives. BeRex also offers many other advantages as ESD 4,000 volt, MSL 1, product quality uniformity, enhanced band width 10 to 4000 MHz and 100% lead-free green products(RoHS compliant) products.

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