CJS-1200TB - Copal Electronics

Manufacturer Part No CJS-1200TB
Manufacturer Copal Electronics
Sub Category DIP Switches
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Lead Free Status / RoHS Compliant Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Unified Part No CJS-1200TB-UFD
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CJS-1200TB - Copal Electronics

Image is illustrative. Review datasheet for exact specifications.

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    Unified Electro-Tech is the Copal Electronics Distributors offering dip switch, rotary dip switch, dip switch datasheet, micro dip switch, rotary dip switches, jumpers and dip switches, switch dip, dip switchs, dip rotary switch, dip switch calc, dip switche, dip switch on off etc. Unified is the best electronic components distributor that assures quality service and dedicated support to its customers.

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    Unified is the authorized distributor of Copal Electronics. It was founded in the year 1967. Copal is the subsidiary of Nidec Corporation. And Nidec is a global supplier of telecommunications, computer, industrial, medical, and semiconductor equipments. Copal designs products and manufactures for these markets include trimmer and precision potentiometers, switches, optical encoders, and DC fans. Copal has also expanded its’ new product development activity into areas including silicon pressure sensors, polygon laser scanners, DC turbo fans, and thermal variable attenuators. 

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